A Subdivision Survey is any survey that moves a boundary. Typically we think of a subdivision as a large cluster of lots for residential homes, but in surveying the word subdivision actually relates to the part of the Community Planning Act that outlines the rules and process to change boundaries.

A subdivision can take one piece of property and turn it into many, can take many and turn it into one, or many into many and any combination of these scenarios.

Subdivisions, or subdividing property is subject to many rules. The primary rules are those established by the local planning commission. These will set out things like minimum lot sizes and shapes, how much of the lot can be occupied by buildings, where buildings and development can take place on the lot and many other rules related to the development and enjoyment of the lot.

The typical process for a simple subdivision is the preparation of a tentative subdivision plan that shows the intent of the subdivision. This is submitted to the planning commission who will then distribute to the various stakeholders such as government departments or agencies, utility companies, and various other regulators. Comments will be obtained from these stakeholders and compiled into a planning approval notice. The new boundary lines are marked in the field and a final subdivision plan is prepared for signatures and stamps and registration.

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