Surveyors Real Property Report

A Surveyors Real Property Report is a special type of a Plan of Survey. In the past these have also been referred to as Building Location Surveys as this is the primary purpose of the plan.

The plan shows the boundaries of the property and the various boundary information, as well as all physical improvements on the property. This would include things like buildings with steps, decks and overhangs, paved driveways, garages and sheds.

Encroachments onto adjacent properties, or by adjacent properties onto the subject property will also be shown on the face of the plan.

Typically these plans are produced as a result of a request by a lending institution as a condition of approval of the mortgage. The lending institution wants to make sure the building is located on the correct property and meets the required zoning set-backs, and that there are no encroachments on the property which could adversely affect the property.